How to Choose the Best Swimwear for Your Body Shape

When it comes to being half-naked in public, the important thing is to flaunt your figure with confidence. Truth is, a ‘bikini body’ is just a body in a bikini. What matters the most is finding the swimwear you’re comfortable in! Confidence always equals sexiness. Here’s how to find the right cut to match your body shape.

Rectangle/Banana Shaped
Your body: The measurement of your shoulders and hips are almost the same. You have strong shoulders and your waist is in the same line as your shoulders and hips.
Your swimwear: Throw on a bikini with details on the bust, such as frills or ruffles, and a pair of high-cut or skimpy bottoms. This will create the illusion of a bigger bust and elongate your legs.

Triangle/Pear Shaped
Your body: If you’re bigger at the bottom than the upper half and have plump thighs, you certainly belong in this category.
Your swimwear: A tankini with plunging neckline helps to shove the attention away from your bottom and emphasise your bust instead. Another option would be a patterned or lighter top with darker solid bottoms to slim down your rear.
Inverted Triangle/Apple Shaped
Your body: You have a big bust and you’re slimmer waist-down.
Your swimwear: Opt for a one-piece swimsuit with a ruched torso – a good cover-up for your love handles – or a plain piece with side details to flatter your figure. Always go for underwired or banded types as they provide support for your bust!

Hourglass/Gynaeoid Shaped
Your body: Your bust and hips are well-proportioned while your waist is on the slimmer side. Also, when you put on weight, your whole body gets even distribution and doesn’t accumulate in specific areas.
Your swimwear: A timeless one-piece with a retro twist can do you no wrong. Play around with a printed halter neck to accentuate your waist and give your bust a subtle uplift.