Icelandic Style Icon Björk Celebrates Her 51st Birthday Today!

Over four-decades of music-making, Iceland’s most treasured artist Björk celebrates her 50th Birthday!

Always looking towards the future – seeking new mediums of expression through music and art. She is currently working on a ground-breaking virtual-reality project and she aims to use the proceeds from this auction to aid that research.  Many of the garments in the auction were previously exhibited in the MoMA, New York last year. The eclectic outfits she wore since the 90s makes her the queen of aesthetic presence, from her early days of Sugarcubes to her current solo career.

1. Post (1995)


(image: Stereo Gum)

Designed by Hussein Chalayan, this blazer is made of Tyvex-coated paper, like an actual airmail envelope. This airmail jacket was included in Björk’s exhibition at MoMA in the retrospective.

2. Oscars (2001)


(image: Bustle)

Björk has never been shy about showcasing her personality through her style sense. What better to wear on a red carpet than a swan dress? This iconic fashion moment happened thanks to Macedonian designer, Marjan Pejoski.

3. Fashion Rocks (2003)


(image: Nerve)

In a dramatic Alexander McQueen design, frothed hair, and a full-face crystal mask, Bjork took over the red carpet with velvet and feathers. She also met Prince Charles in with this exact bedazzled face, setting him aside for the real royal highness.


4. Volta World Tour (2008)


(image: The Guardian)

Pom Poms were in waaay before those Elina Linardaki sandals you lusted over last Summer ’16. The Soren Bach headpiece made of rainbow-hued furry balls was a masterpiece of a headdress.

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5. Biophilia (2011)


(image: Björk)

The dress on her 8th album’s cover, and featured in the music video for “Moon,” is created by Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen. If you have seen the video you would know that the belt is actually a harp, designed by the New York-based threeASFOUR.

Happy Birthday Björk,

you’re always on par with developing your character as an artist. We love you for it! Thank you for all the years of breaking fashion taboos and sharing a piece of Iceland to the rest of the world.