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Get Mystical And All Things Magical With JEOEL

So, you’ve graduated and it’s time to face the reality: hello working world!

Gotta werk to pay them bill$

Adulting can be pretty tough (yet rewarding) and due to that, we tend to forget the little things around us. This is where JEOEL comes into the picture with their new Diamond Magical Creatures collection.

Whisk yourself into a magical world of mystical critters where you’ll find a cuddly rabbit, playful fox and wait for it – a bubble tea angel!

JEOEL’s latest collection focuses on cute characters embedded with diamonds and sapphires; where diamond represents determination and sapphire symbolises joy and peace. The sterling silver charms are rhodium and rose-gold plated, and can be worn as necklace pendants or bracelet charms.

Swipe through to check out these adorable charms and find out which one of these from the collection is your spirit animal!

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Diamond Fox

Diamond fox pendant, RM219, JEOEL

You’re smart and witty, always coming up with clever puns that never cease to make people laugh all the time. The diamond fox is a symbol of intelligence and wisdom; the diamond studded eyes allows the mischievous fox to see through deceptions – which makes this animal the perfect companion for you to go through the daily hardships of life to your destined path, with its cunningness.

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