Life Lessons From Having Owned A Tube Sock Dress

I’d be lying if I told you that there was never one time I didn’t live in a tube sock dress. Every weekend, I’d slip on that blasphemous black bodycon – stretchy, comfy, and trashy enough to bring all the unwanted boys to the yard.

In my defence, it really seemed like an economical and fashionable option. I mean, I was a student earning minimum wage, so coming across an LBD for only RM30?? All I had to do was switch up the accessories each week, and it was self convincingly “timeless”. God, if you can only see how hard I am crying at that nostalgia.

With reminiscing comes reflection – in the time I’ve looked back, while most parts were used cringing at my choice of wardrobe as a young adult, I’ve learnt some valuable life lessons that came along with my inability to part with that dress.


1. Buying the right bra is key.

For some reason, my 18 year old self couldn’t grasp the idea of how a bra slip was a little worse than an actual nip slip. If I were to show it off, make hella sure that it’s a cute looking bra/bralette.


2. Less is NOT more.

Lawd, with the amount of embarrassing times I’ve slipped over to reveal all glory, I’m actually surprised I’ve never been charged for some level of public indecency. Not that I have anything against mini dresses, I just personally feel like only celebrities, or girls under the age of 20 would be able to get away with the constant yanking down at their dresses. TBH, it’s my advise to you to abort if it’s too short!


3. The VPL.

Here’s a secret I’m gonna clue you in on – there are more than one type of visible panty lines. You can even get one from wearing the wrong thong (see what I did there? LELz). When in doubt, go comando, but ensure to housekeep, for goodness sake.


4. Quality over quantity.

Losing an arm and a leg (back in ’07, RM30 was a whole week’s worth of lunches) for a piece of clothing can be worth it, provided that you’re actually paying for the quality, and not just for the brand! The material is the most important thing. Touch and feel the item of clothing to have a better sense of how it’ll weather after a couple of washes and age. Your senses will prove shockingly trustworthy!


5. You can always repurpose.


Circa 2011, pre tatted up Ezra, I found this bad boy hiding underneath the pile of other items of clothing I’ve been hoarding since high school. Although I managed to repurpose this dress into a top, I realised that I had a bigger issue at hand; which leads me to my final lesson…


6. Learning to let go.

Almost a whopping 90% of the clothes I was digging through made me realise that I hadn’t worn any of this sh*t in close to 5 years! I totally understand why anyone would want to keep a shirt,or a dress, thinking it would come back into fashion one day, but if it ain’t black, it’s highly likely that it ain’t coming back. Ok, I might’ve over dramatised that, but there really are whole lot of people that actually need the clothes, so pack ’em up for charity!