The 6 Malaysian Swimwear Brands To Keep On Your Radar

* This story was previously published on on September 2018, and has since been updated.

Text By Monisha Sivanesan Additional Reporting By Lim Lee Ann 

Instead of checking out your usual hot spots (virtual or not) for your next beach outfit, head to your getaway with a Malaysian-branded swimsuit packed in your suitcase!

Be the mermaid that you are! These hottest lewks are from Owl By Dowlani (see below)

Malaysia is sunny all-year round, and we’re also blessed with an abundance of days off and public holidays. Long weekends? We’re here for you.

So, anytime is the perfect time to dip your toes in the sand and get that summer tan! Before you escape to the beach and leave your troubles behind, don’t forget to pack that cute little swimsuit you have… yet to buy. No worries, we’ve got your back girl. Before you browse through your go-to brands though, why not check out some homegrown ones to show a lil’ local love?

That’s right, we have some swimwear labels right in our own backyard! Isn’t it strange that as residents of a tropical climate region, we are not quite familiar with or actively searching for our own swimwear brands? Odds are because there aren’t many available or marketed wide enough for all to see (the chicken or the egg theory could be played around here). Either way, we have scoured the net to unearth some hidden gems that you should feast your peepers on and more importantly-splurge on!

Fashion shall not be sacrificed in the name of patriotism, so read on to achieve that double combo:

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Pink N Proper

To avoid stating the obvious, the clue is in the title. Pink N’ Proper includes feminine and sexy pieces standing alongside conservative muslimah attire to cater to all types of girls, regardless of faith. Instead of neon-coloured flashy prints, clean and elegant toned swimwear and beachwear constitute the range. We are absolutely raving about this bralette-inspired choker monokini-sophisticated yet so fresh!

Ever seen those cute enormous floaties poppin’ on Insta? Get ready to capture your own stellar summer shots with these babies coupled with your new get-up, with just a few clicks away on their site or under these retailers below.

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