10 Meme-Worthy Halloween Costumes You Should Dress Up This Year

Halloween’s around the corner and you have less than a week to plan on what to wear. If you’re like us, feeling bored and tired over the typical costumes such as a hot nurse, teacher and Playboy bunny, we’ve got good news. Instead, go as something that’s relevant and will catch everyone’s attention. Yeap, we’re talking about meme-inspired costumes because what other occasion will allow you to let loose and not be taken seriously? There’s no other celebration like Halloween!


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We’ve listed out 10 meme-worthy Halloween costume ideas that you can wear this year and possibly win Best Dressed, fo’sho.

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Who would have ever expected Kylie Jenner singing “rise and shine” to Baby Stormi, which was certainly unplanned for be the next target of viral Internet memes?! And y’know that Mama Kris Jenner works harder than all of us — they even have official merchandises that you can purchase right now: it’s a USD65 hoodie. That’s approximately RM272 and they’re currently sold out, you guys!! Talk about being the youngest self-made billionaire, that’s some strategic business planning right there.



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Also, Kylie Jenner has recently trademarked the quote “rise and shine” and things are about to get serious from here. Go on and dress up as one of the hottest (we mean, literally) Internet meme RN.


How to be dress up like one:

Grab an unwanted cardboard piece and draw an outline of a sun then cut it out. After that, get yourself some yellow acrylic paint and paint the cardboard with it. If you have a logomania bodycon dress like what Kylie Jenner was wearing, that’s fab but a plain black one would do.

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