MONKI Celebrates Young Professionals With Stephanie Broek In Their SS17 Lookbook

We are in LOVE with MONKI’s Spring Lookbook! 

Featuring Stephanie Broek (pronounced Brooke) is a fashion features editor in the Netherlands and if you’ve seen her IG feed, well, you’ll know why MONKI has chosen her to be part of their Spring/Summer campaign.

We’ve just seen MONKI’s SS17 Denim Collection, a Jeanious Spring and we can’t wait to play with the two collections together!

Stephanie’s mix of urban romantic and street inspired edge is highly personal which is precisely why MONKI has chosen her as their Spring/Summer 2017 muse! Not only that, but MONKI wants to celebrate young women starting their professional journeys everywhere!

The collection features a curated selection of the highlights from Monki’s spring/summer season. Key garments include a version of the iconic trench coat, the super long lightweight parka, the frill blouse, the plissé skirt and of course, a micro collection in gorgeous, stand out lioness yellow.

“Even I was kind of shocked at first when I saw the yellow blouse with frills and the yellow floral skirt. It’s really, REALLY out there. But like other items that don’t convince you directly when you see them on a hanger, the trick is to just try them on. Have some fun in the fitting room!
I never would have thought that I could pull off yellow with my skin tone, but it turns out I can. Even if the sun doesn’t shine, this outfit brightens everything up. And I mean, aren’t those yellow aviator sunglasses to die for?” – Stephanie