MUJI’s Flannel Collection Is Your Way To Go This Fall Season

When we talk about flannel shirt, we often have this perception that it’s a plaid or tartan printed shirt. Little did we know that flannel is actually a type of woven fabric whereas plaid is a pattern. But you’re not entirely wrong, though — because flannel and plaid often go together — hence, that’s why we end up referring it as a flannel shirt.

Got it memorised? Ok, ok.

For their Fall collection, MUJI presents a range of flannel clothes where it would give consumers a unique of experience when worn — all thanks to its soft, relaxing fabric made from Xinjiang organic cotton.

For MUJI’s flannel garments, the materials have been brushed and pre-washed for a soft and warm texture. Not to mention that double-twisted thread is used with all materials to make sure that the clothes feel comfortable to be worn.

Also, handpicking the organic cotton would guarantee that the textile will be less likely to be damaged compared to harvesting using machine, and also ensuring a smooth texture of the cloth too. So no more weird, tingly feeling when you wear clothes from MUJI’s flannel collection.

What makes the garments from MUJI’s Fall 2019 a staple item for your closet would be the wide range of basic colours that are appropriate for the autumn season. Plus, it’s even great for layering with other clothes if you’re travelling to colder places for your year-end trips. The flannel shirts will definitely keep you warm and cosy.

When it comes to sustainable fashion, you can have a peace of mind when you wear MUJI’s pieces because of the brand’s commitment in using environmental-friendly materials that are also obtained using ethical methods.

If you’re already feeling intrigued by the collection, swipe through to check out the garments from the collection. You might want to scroll down to find out about a great deal!

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Great for: Office wear

Wear it with: A pair of black slacks and brown loafers

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