Shades of Red Dresses For Your Chinese New Year This 2017

*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul

Tis the season of angpaos, mandarin oranges and endless pineapple tarts that Aunty Aunty everywhere will be shoving down your throat with the usual “Eat girl! You’re too skinny!”

Yup, you guessed it, Chinese New Year is right around the corner and my question is are you ready for it?

If you’re unaware of the Chinese traditions, usually on Chinese New Year, we were taught by our grandparents to always wear a RED outfit to represent the ONG, which means auspicious and it also helps to ward off evil spirits!

Finding a red dress every year can be a chore and what’s even worse? Wearing the exact same dress as your cousin!

No worries, darling cause we’ve got different shades of red that you can rock this Chinese New Year!


Something Borrowed Cold Shoulder Dress, RM59. Available at Zalora.



Off-the-Shoulder Dress, RM99.90. Available at H&M.



Scarlett B Red Lydia Dress, RM269. Available at Dorothy Perkins.



Slim Fit Dress, RM119.90. Available at Zara.


Patterned Dress, RM39.90. Available at H&M.



Satin Dress, RM49.90. Available at H&M.



Missguided Wrap Halter Neck Skater Dress, RM122.90. Available at Zalora.



V-Neck Dress, RM69.90. Available at H&M.



Flowing Mini Dress, RM149.90. Available at Zara.



Scarlett B Wine ‘Chloe’ Dress, RM269. Available at Dorothy Perkins.