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Rock N Rolling To Elvis Presley’s Style

60 years ago today, Elvis Presley debuted in his first movie ever, Love Me Tender. As the King of Rock N Roll, people obviously paid attention to his on stage talents – his soothing voice and killer dance moves, and it didn’t hurt that he was easy on the eyes.

During the decades of his reign, the mass media highlighted his signature outlandish outfits as the reason of him being a fashion icon, but his personal style spoke volumes of subtle sexiness.

Androgyny is always big in my books, so I say why only pay homage to female fashion icons, when you can adopt the style of The King. If you ask me, Elvis was the OG Thunderbird, and the 50s has got to be my favourite decade of his rule.

Apart from his gyrating hips, and heart-melting smile, the one thing I loved about Elvis was his ability to pull off the simple combination of a shirt, and pair of pants. His blinged out ensembles might’ve still been in the works, but his sense of style was inevitably there.

Elvis 1950s Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Breakdown: Coloured/Printed Shirts, and ankle high socks.

Pro Tip: Roll the sleeves, and loosen up those buttons for some extra sass.


Photo Credit: Men Style Fashion

Photo Credit: Men Style Fashion

Breakdown: 1960s Elvis still stayed true to his usual aesthetic.

Pro Tip: Modernise this look by picking out a dress shirt with angel sleeves.


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Breakdown: 1970s Elvis worked the print on print look.

Pro Tip: Minimise on accessories to neutralise the busy prints.

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