Do Your Part To Save The World And “Bring It” With H&M’s Global Drive

*Written by Meghan Angelica Paul

If you’ve got a wardrobe filled with clothes from when you were 12 and you’re trying to kid yourself into thinking that you can still fit into ’em? Then honey, you gotta stop living in denial.

It’s not uncommon to want to hoard all your clothes (I’m a hoarder myself) but there comes a time when you need to learn to let go.

Introducing H&M’s Global Drive “Bring It”! 

A campaign that showcases the importance of recycling your unused garments. H&M’s initiative is to prevent more clothes from ending up in landfills and that’s a pretty darn good cause if you ask me!

Image: H&M

It’s definitely an easier solution than taking weeks to figure out what to do with your unused clothes. By recycling your unwanted garments, not only will their life span last longer but it’ll also make it easier to closing the loop on textiles.

Precisely so your old denim can be recycled and made into new denim outfits for others! Waste Not, Want Not! 

Image: H&M

To kickstart the campaign, Chrystal Moselle has directed a new kick-a$$ film, “Bring It” which depicts the process of unwanted and unused garments after they have been collected in stores.


Don’t say we didn’t give you any ideas on how to get rid of unwanted and unused clothes!

The Garment Collecting Initiative is available in all H&M stores in all markets!

See you guys at the nearest H&M near you!