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Shop Girls Of The 90’s

It was the ’90s. You watched them on screen and lived vicariously through their purchases, but now it’s time to steal their style with a 2016 update. 

Rachel Green from Friends


Whether you choose to believe if Ross and Rachel were “on a break” or not, there’s no denying that Miss Green had style. She said no to her parents’ money (strong, brave girl) and moved to the Big Apple, started from the bottom, and made working in a coffee shop look good. Never straying too far from comfort, Rachel was the ultimate all-American girl and always looked hot whether she was in her ‘mom jeans’ or a sexy skin-tight number.
And she always had really good hair. Always.


Handbag, Charles & Keith                           Sleeveless Jumper, COS

cos-grey-felt-skirt     nappa-black-philip-lim

Grey Felt Skirt, COS               Kyoto Stretch Boot, Approx. RM 3509, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Cher Horowitz from Clueless

cherIf Iggy Azalea pays homage to you in a music video, it’s safe to say you’re pretty darn cool. Back in the ’90s, Clueless was the teen flick and the Mean Girls. Unlike Regina, Cher was anything but catty and her charm resided in her adorable naiveté. She made yellow plaid and co-ords cool, and let’s not forget the opening scene when the camera pans over her automated closet. In 1995, those were your #lifegoals. Heck, it’s 2016
and it still is!


    Jacket, Approx. RM2640, Kate Spade     Pleated Mini Skirt, Approx. RM139, Monki

   pebble-pushlock-backpack-usd150-rm662-armani-exchange          faux-fur-pompom-keychain-usd3-90-approx-rm17-forever21

Backpack, Approx. RM662, Armani Exchange   Pompom Keychain, Approx. RM17, Forever 21

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City

carrieTo many, Carrie’s closet in her one-bedroom apartment in NYC was the fashion mecca. If you were looking for the most random piece of accessory for a costume party, it’d be in there, sitting in a hat box, on top of a shelf, just waiting to be picked up. It’s hard to pinpoint her actual sense of style; she had everything, and sometimes she’d choose to wear it all at once. Do we love her for it? Abso-effing-lutely.


    Beaded Crop Top, RM235, Topshop                       Midi Skirt, D.D. collective

esther-85-suede-dahlia-jimmy-choo  embellished-tea-rose-applique-dinky_nude-pink-rm3300-coach

          Suede Pumps, Jimmy Choo               Tea Rose Applique Dinky, RM3300, Coach

*Collages by Shu Wern Koe

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