6 Incredibly Simple Ways to Hide Chipped Manicures

It’s a pain to have your perfectly manicured nails to chip. But you don’t have to wipe it all off and start anew every time that happens! Use these easy nail hacks and no one will notice your chip ever again, except maybe yourself. But that’s just between you and us.

Patch It DIY Style
Dab a Q-tip in nail polish remover and smooth the edges of the chipped place, then apply two layers of polish to the chipped area. Keep your hand steady, and make sure your new polish just barely touches the existing polish. The result? A flawless looking nail, unless you put in under a magnifying glass that is.

French It Up
Since most chips happen along the edge of the nail, why not turn your manicure into a French one? Grab a second polish to complement your current colour and brush on a thin tip on the edge of each nail. You have a cute new look and your chips are nowhere in sight!

A Side of French
For the side-of-the-nail chips, dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and smoothen the edges of the chip before painting on a swift vertical swipe. If you’re not one with the steadiest hands, stick a cellophane tape on your nails to guide the line, and paint over it. You should be able to peel off the tape right after.

Jackson Pollock It
Even if you’re not the most skilled at nail art, this is one that you’ll be able to handle on your own. Just Google Image ‘Jackson Pollock painting’ and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Take 3-4 different contrasting colours and get drizzling, spotting, and swirling all over your nail. The finished effect? An entirely unique set of nail art on your fingers!

Add On a Coat of Glitter
For the odd chip in the center of the nail, just add glitter dots to every nail. It’s a creative new do, and no one will realize it’s a cover up.

Do The Gradient Glitter
If you have a little more time to fix ‘er up, try the gradient ombre look. The key trick to this is to dab it the glitter polish, not stroke it. Start in the middle of your nail by dabbing glitter lightly on the nail, and when you get to the tip of the nail, apply a denser coat of glitter. And voila, an gradient ombre nail look!