Colour Up Your Life With Skagen’s Aaren Kulør Collection

As the saying goes, time is valuable — and in this fast paced world, it’s normal that we often lose track of time from the hustle and bustle. With that being said, it’s important that we have something reliable or a reminder for us to keep track of time and stay grounded so that everything goes as planned.

Time’s up! Moving on to our next appointment.

That’s why, wearing a watch is SO important. Why? You can count on them, their battery lasts longer and they’re convenient. Plus, putting on a watch can be fun too because it says much about your personality depending on what design you choose to put on. The more watches you own, things get more interesting as you can pair them with different outfits.

Thanks to Skagen’s Aaren Kulør collection and their Neon range, mixing and matching your watch with your clothes just got even more fun. You’ll be spoiled with many colour choices to choose from, and rest assured that there’s always a pair of Skagen watch for you to include in your daily #OOTD.

The Skagen Aaren Kulør collection.


Meet their fun counterpart, the Skagen Aaren Kulør Neon collection.

But read on to find out how you can match them with your outfit!

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Out for a boba run

So, you’re craving for boba and you find out that the whole world is craving for the same thing too and then, BAM! A long queue and wait ahead of you, just for a cuppa boba (but you know that the wait is gonna be worth it anyway).

Boba = bae

Don’t let it pop your bubble tea vibe! With Skagen’s Aaren Kulør watch, it’ll make your waiting time even more cheerful as you look at the time — from its bright, vivid colour of the timepiece.

Aaren Kulør watch in Blue, Skagen, RM470

Wear with: plain white tee, denim shorts and sneakers.

If you’re feeling bold, go for their Neon collection!

Aaren Kulør Neon in Neon Blue, Skagen, RM470

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