The Literal Benefits Of Keeping Cool During This Massive Heatwave

Have you ever wondered why do you often feel lethargic when it’s really sunny outside and you just don’t feel like doing anything at all?

An afternoon nap sounds good rn.

Well, scientists say that the energy from the sun transfers heat to our body through electromagnetic radiation — causing body temperature to go up. Our body will then work hard to regulate its temperature and that’s gonna take up some energy. With that being said, the hotter it is, the more energy would be needed to balance up our body temperature. Not to mention that our heart rates and metabolic systems will also increase because of the hot weather. With all that energy loss, it’s no wonder why we often feel like catching Zs all the time!

But let’s face it — life is not all about sleeping and we need to hustle errday so that we’ll have enough funds to feed ourselves. So, how do we fight this sluggish feeling and how will keeping ourselves cool be beneficial to our lives? Keep on reading to find out.

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You’ll get more things done

That’s a real life motivation right there.

As previously mentioned, the heatwave could make you feel lethargic from all those energy draining. Reflect back the sunlight by wearing light-coloured outfits and go for clothes that are made from natural fibres such as cotton and linen.

Do you also know that wearing the right undergarment is also important in order to keep your body cool? Sloggi’s latest collection, EVER Fresh is designed to combat the hot weather and makes sure that you’re always feeling cool and fresh af 24/7. Thanks to the high-tech meshes combined with the unique properties of Creora Fresh elastane and Pima cotton, it’ll help in preventing you from feeling too hot.

Padded Bra, RM169, sloggi

Hipster briefs, RM59.90, sloggi

Reduced energy loss means that your days will be more productive and you’ll eventually finish up your daily tasks on time. Who knows, you might even finish up what you’d need to do even earlier than expected — isn’t that great?!

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