The Literal Benefits Of Keeping Cool During This Massive Heatwave

Have you ever wondered why do you often feel lethargic when it's really sunny outside and you just don't feel like doing anything at all?

An afternoon nap sounds good rn.

Well, scientists say that the energy from the sun transfers heat to our body through electromagnetic radiation — causing body temperature to go up. Our body will then work hard to regulate its temperature and that's gonna take up some energy. With that being said, the hotter it is, the more energy would be needed to balance up our body temperature. Not to mention that our heart rates and metabolic systems will also increase because of the hot weather. With all that energy loss, it's no wonder why we often feel like catching Zs all the time!

But let's face it — life is not all about sleeping and we need to hustle errday so that we'll have enough funds to feed ourselves. So, how do we fight this sluggish feeling and how will keeping ourselves cool be beneficial to our lives? Keep on reading to find out.

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You’ll be hydrated af

This kitty cat would like to remind everyone to drink more water!

We all already aware that hydration is the key to surviving the heatwave but are you even drinking enough H20? It’s recommended to drink 2-4 glasses of water every hour when it’s hot outside and you shouldn’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink.

Drinking water is important to prevent you from getting dehydrated after losing fluid due to excessive sweating. Not only that, it helps you to stay alert and focus so your brain won’t get all fuzzy during the day.

Don’t like the taste of plain water? Just add slices of lemons, oranges, cucumbers, limes or strawberries for a refreshing infused water that’ll keep you sipping all day. You can also add a spoonful of chia seeds that’ll help in retaining water and keeping you hydrated for a longer period of time.

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