#TeamCLEO’s Guide To Staying Positive While Working Out

Picture this: you’re all prepped up, physically and mentally, to burn some calories at the gym. 15 mins into an amazing workout streak, you suddenly feel exhausted and your mind keeps telling you to stop. But when you look at your timer; you’re just 30 seconds in, doing a one-minute plank that feels like an eternity. Now you feel too tired to do any more, and want to stop.

Ok, that’s it. Done for the day!

Then you start telling yourself that you have to keep going for that smexy beach bod to show off on the ‘gram but you know that it ain’t working on you anymore. SIGH. If this happens to you often while you’re exercising, it’s time for a new game plan.        #sendhelp #needmotivation

So how do you constantly keep a positive mindset while working out? Keep scrolling, we’ll tell you how and why a healthy mindset will create a huge impact to your workout sessions!

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Be kind to yourself

Yes, it sounds like a cliché but it’s true; if you only work out with the intention of getting a hot beach body and you’re always comparing yourself to those ‘fitspo’ pictures you see online, that’s not gonna keep you motivated.

NOPE. Not happening.

That’ll only make you feel worse about yourself. You’re just dragging yourself to the gym because you want to look good. So, STOP comparing yourself to others, whether it’s on social media platforms or at the gym. A research that was held over a 16-year period on 60,000 adults saw that 71 percent are more likely to die sooner than their counterparts (although their fitness levels were exactly the same as others) when they consider themselves to be ‘less healthy’ than those who did “more” than them.

Instead of comparing looks or measuring your ‘success’ by how you look in photos, give yourself credit for little achievements like walking up a flight of stairs at school or office, or completing a 30-second side plank. And then, treat yourself after that. A mini chocolate bar should do the trick, don’t go for that huge buffet! By doing so, your body and mind responds positively, enabling you to achieve things you’d never thought is possible!

Being kind to yourself includes being kind to your body. Shush away those harsh remarks you give yourself and love it for what it is, and what it can do! Flaunt your curves with sloggi’s mOve FLEX Fresh Sports Bra and Fresh Tights.

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