The Story Behind The Sometime Mousie Collection Will Melt Your Heart

There are a lot of traditions during Chinese New Year, and one of the most significant that we see commonly is gift-giving. Tradition has it that it’s to express affection and passing on well wishes and good luck. And really, the more you give, the more you get, right? We believe karma is totally fair when it comes to this!

This Chinese New Year, we found out that Sometime by Asian Designers dedicated themselves to the idea of gift-giving when thinking of their practical Mousie collection, which is part of their Iconic Essentials collection.

With each Mousie bag, RM198, you can customise your name on the tag, and get a special gift of cookies you can pay forward.

First off, it’s a great canvas bag with a little mousie design that commemorates the Year of the Rat. But if you want to know the real part that has heart, it is also paired with jars of homemade cookies baked by bakers with physical disabilities. And the part warms us so much more are the videos that have captivated these beautiful moments in introducing “Kak Zah”, who is paralysed from the waist down, and her husband who is also handicapped.

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Sometime’s founder Nicole Wong is one of the most talented entrepreneurs in the industry (that’s why she was a Hot Shot!) and she said:  “Personally, I have always wanted to present my loved ones with gifts that are thoughtful and practical. This Mousie collection holds extra sentimental values to me as it’s more than just a canvas bag that can be personalised with a name. It is a meaningful canvas bag because it holds jars of cookies baked by a group of disabled women. I’m glad that as a brand, we get the chance to encourage and provide support to the less fortunate.”

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Nothing stopped Kak Zah  from providing for her family with her baking. Hit the IGTV videos below to learn more about the collaboration and cookies.



The Eslona Mousie and Estela Mousie (RM198)which can be ordered with complimentary personalization comes with 6 jars of homemade cookies and 8 pieces of red packets.

Alternatively, if you want to get the Eslona and Estela (RM99) with a touch of the lucky color maroon, the bags are available at an à la carte basis without the mouse embroidery and additional gift set items.

The plain Estela bag that can be customised, at RM99. At the time of writing, this bag has already been sold out!

For more information on the collection, visit or the brand’s showroom in The Gardens Mall, KL.