CLEO On The Streets: The Best #OOTDs From Laneway Festival Singapore 2017

#TeamCLEO is back from St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore!

We were there on the lookout, hunting for the best style on the streets. The recurring trends for the day were hair braids (courtesy of the H&M booth), and because it rained almost the entire night, ponchos and raincoats of every colour and print imaginable. Here are a handful of looks that caught our eye, and managed to snap before the rain got too intense.

Did we spot you on our style cam?

From left: ​Teagan, 16, @teaganmountcastle; Sabrina, 15, @sabrinasain; Devon, 15, @devon.yem; Elaina 15, @elaina.antimano; Rachel, 15, @r.achel.lee

​From left: Jerz, 17, @jerziholly; Motheo, 18, @motheo.m

Xin Ping, 16, @fairystit

From left: Dhivya, 27, @dhivk; Kashya, 28, @kashyak; Sarah, 26, @stomtom; Mariam, 26, @mariamzahari

From left: Kevin, @kevster_leong; Mei Huey, @Nymphethunter

Shinobu, 39

From left: Celine, 27, @robotseatgrannies; Ili, 28, @astronautte

From left: Field, 30; Therese, 28, @runawayrobot

Shafirah, 21, @shafthefup

Joel, 25, @Kanyestest

Image credit: Joceline Yan