StyleTribute Lets You Unlock The Closets Of Malaysia’s Most Fashionable Women

Ever wondered what some of the most fashionable Malaysian women keep in their closets? StyleTribute helps uncover it for you. 

StyleTribute, a regional online luxury marketplace for vintage and pre-loved designer goods based in Singapore has premiered a campaign titled #UnlockingHerWardrobe with nine Malaysian women. These women are from across the stratosphere of style, coming together in a visual campaign to showcase diversity in womanhood and self expressive fashion.

The Campaign

StyleTribute will be featuring curated collection of assorted themes which reflect the influencer’s personal selections from their wardrobe. Adopting a see, click, buy, own contempt – style mavens from across the region of Asia have immediate access to the coveted items along with an exclusive interview with one fashion influencer on StyleTribute’s blog, ‘The Mag’.

Who are the faces of #UnlockingHerWardrobe Feb 2017 Issue?

The campaign featured individuals from an immense scope that encompasses digital entrepreneurs, social media sirens and creative heads of the Arts & Entertainment industry.

Keep your online radars ready for Tunku Nadia Naquiyuddin, one-part of regional DJ act Twinkies, Elizabeth Lee-Yong the Founder of East Malaysian jewelry designer Bowerhaus, Ally Mukhriz the social media sensation and token Millennial IT girl as well as Jesrina Arshad Founder and CEO of Asia’s leading health and wellness portal, PurleyB – just to name a few.

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