A #TeamCLEO Sunglass Gift Guide For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we often find ourselves panicking over what should we gift the important woman in our lives on this special day — because we know that no amount of presents in this world could ever repay their sacrifices from bringing us up to such fine, healthy beings that we are today.

This makes us wanna hug our mums RN!

For this year, let your mum know that you care about her well-being too, by gifting her a pair of new chic eyewear. Simply because eye health should not be taken lightly, as the risk of getting cataract increases as humans age. Our mothers, whom have taught us about compassion, often want the best for us and just like them — we want the same for them, too.

#TeamCLEO has compiled 12 different eyewears that’ll be suitable for all supermums out there. Swipe through to find the perfect one for your mumsie!

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For the everyday mum

Mums are the best multitasker we’ve ever known!

If your mum has a fast-paced lifestyle of constantly running out and about, and trying to get errands done, she’d need a pair of glasses that are simple and lightweight. These frames are ideal and come in neutral shades so they’re easy to go with any outfit.

Glasses frame, Prada, RM859


Glasses frame, Ray Ban, RM579


Glasses frame, Giorgio Armani, RM1,029

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