Look To The Future In These Sunglass Trends For 2019

Future’s so bright! Here’s how to bag these styles. Image: Instagram.com/alealimay

Written and Compiled By Hanan Khair

Now that the good weather is approaching and every day is sunnier than the last, we really can’t leave the house without this season’s most compelling accessory piece: trendy sunglasses, can we?

Nope, we can’t.

ICYMI, tons of IG influencers to A-list celebrities including Rihanna and Dua Lipa have been spotted reclaiming pieces and referencing past eras (ah, revival of the ’80s — early ’00s!) starting from those baddie-worthy biker shorts to printed silk scarves wrapped around the neck (or as a headscarf — whichever way you want) and it seems that the OG sunglasses that were part of the spring/summer 2019 eyewear trends are here to stay.

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So, we’ve rounded up the top eight sleekest and boldest glass shapes to wear — from large and small to tinted and transparent lenses. Get into shape with these totally unique shapes (complete with fashion inspo and how to rock it) to help tie your #OOTDs and #lewks together this upcoming 2019.

Keeping us in style as well as providing protection from the sun – oh, the ultimate win-win sitch for 2019. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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Get on board with the tiny glasses trend for a #classic feel. Pretty impractical for vision correction but cute!

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