TeamCLEO’s Guide To Bundles In Klang Valley

You know what’s a girl’s biggest nightmare? Bumping into someone who’s sporting the same outfit as her — especially at an exclusive event. You’ll likely burn that piece to ashes or you’ll just never wear it again. Ever.

To avoid such embarrassment and rage, do thrift shopping instead! Fast-fashion is too mediocre and real talk here, it's possible that we share 50% of our wardrobe with someone else. 

Now, the reasons to shop at bundles: It’s fun, it’s cheap, aaaaaaand it’s eco-friendly! Especially after the digging and sweating, gosh… that’s like a week worth of cardio! But seriously though, thrift shopping has a much bigger impact than that — it’s impacting the one and only planet Earth we live in. It’s comforting to know fashion labels today are exploring more sustainable ways of producing their garments as they're the second biggest culprit in polluting the earth. So the next time you shop at bundles, remember you’re making a change!

Read on to find out the best bundles in Klang Valley.

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Best for Dresses & Skirts  

The boutique is in Subang Square and the owner is a super sweet lady! Her name’s Mary

If you’re looking for dresses and skirts similar to what your mom wore as a teenager or the ones you see on Little House on the Prairie, you’ll likely find it at Vintage Moonriver. They are languid, feminine, dainty, and best of all, CURRENT. You can wear it on its own or drape over a tee with a knot to toughen it up. Either way, you’ll still be eye-catching.

Most of the goodies at Vintage Moonriver are imported from Japan and they’re in superb condition + Grade A1 quality!

How to get there: SG08-0 Subang Square Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS15/4G, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

They accept: Cash Only

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