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The 5 NEW Rules For Amazing Hair

The golden rule of good hair care may change as often as new revolutionary treatments pop up, so it might get hard to keep track of. But if you want that perfectly groomed, non-frizzy, salon-worthy hair that could have bounced straight out of a commercial, then you’d do well to keep up with the times! These are what to consider when it comes to your crowning glory.

How often you should wash.

Some people might get to skip the daily shampoo and still get to whip their hair back and forth like they’re in a swimsuit ad, but experts agree that finer hair should ideally be washed daily. Thicker and coarser hair types can get washed every second day or even twice a week, but if you fall into the fine hair category, you can substitute a volumising conditioner in place of your shampoo every other wash to avoid stripping too much of your hair’s natural oils.

How much shampoo you should use.

If your shampoo is sulphate-free, chances are it won’t lather at all, and you’ll end up slathering more on to cover the whole head. After all, that’s what it looks like in those shampoo ads, right? Wrong. Your whole head doesn’t need to be lathered in foam to get a good clean, in fact, you can just massage the shampoo into your roots and use water to help spread it for that fresh-headed feel.

Where to shampoo and where to condition.

The basic rule is to shampoo your scalp and condition the ends. Massage the scalp while you shampoo to clean the dirt and remove dead cells, but never scrub it roughly. Squeeze out excess water after you rinse and apply conditioner from the mid length of your hair to the tips. This is a best time to detangle your hair and open up the knots as opposed to trying to untangle with a hairbrush after a wash (Ouch!).

What temperatures to wash in.

A nice hot shower at the end of the day is great, but chances are, your calming hot bath is too high a temperature for your delicate head of hair. Shampoo and condition your hair under lukewarm water, to avoid opening up your hair follicles and making it susceptible to dryness and breakage. Remember to get a splash of cold water right before you get out of the shower to close hair follicles and give it shine.

The hair mask vs. hair conditioner conundrum.

Hair masks are protectors and hydrators that pack a punch – they’ll give you a few extra miles between salon appointments. But this in no way means that you can swap out your daily conditioner with a weekly hair mask. If you’ve got coarser hair, you can slather the mask right on, but finer hair types should do well to just focus on the ends.

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