The Real Issue With Meghan Markle’s “Basic” Wedding Dress

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is arguably the most buzzed about #RoyalWedding ever. I’ll even go at lengths to say people have been talking about these nuptials more than Will and Kate’s wedding back in 2011. The royal affair will go down in history as it openly welcomes Meghan, an American and a divorcee. The last time a British royal married a stateside commoner who had a previous marriage, called for an abdication. The royal in question was Prince Harry’s great grand uncle, King Edward VIII who chose to let go of the throne and title as his relationship with socialite Wallis Simpson was not welcomed by the royal family, the media and the public. A lot has changed since 1936 and for the better. It’s 2018 and what was an issue in Britain’s 1930’s is now no longer.

Aside from that historic parallel, people have been fascinated with the royal meets Hollywood crossover. Meghan’s (now previous) acting career on a little show called Suits, famous friends, scandalous family issues and her recent father taking ill and unable to walk her down the aisle have been the hot topic of late.

Meghan walked down the aisle in Givenchy, currently lead by the fashion house’s first female Creative Director, Claire Waight Keller (who was at Chloe prior). The dress was a long-sleeved silk gown with a beautau neckline with a drop waist.

She looked beautiful and elegant, the dress unostentatious and simple. Although many have voiced their opinions on it being “basic” and lacking oomph and pizzaz. From a fashion standpoint, it was very safe and honestly, forgettable. Earlier today, I was speaking to an American about the gown and the disappointment was that because she was the first American citizen officially being welcomed into the British royal family (she is now the Duchess of Sussex as we speak), she was “representing” the United States of America on a global scale. I believe what they were looking for was a commemorative dress to suit the historical occasion.

I myself was underwhelmed by the dress. I legit went like, “That’s it?” I will admit that I too, like the American expected something more as the entire world anticipated the royal nuptials but I think the key point to remember here is that it is her wedding and her day.

Working with Givenchy, one would think it’d be a show stopper. But again, another history lesson – the house of Givenchy was built on simple elegance.

The official statement from the Kensington palace:

“Ms. Markle and Ms. Waight Keller worked closely together on the design. The dress epitomises a timeless minimal elegance referencing the codes of the iconic House of Givenchy and showcasing the expert craftsmanship of its world-renowned Parisian couture atelier founded in 1952.”

Did I like her dress? No. Do I think she should’ve taken a bigger risk? Yes. I mean, if she wanted to go full normcore with a dress that would be deemed “basic” by the public, shouldn’t we just let her have her moment?

What did you think about her dress?