The Ups And Downs Of Wearing A Bra That Every Girl Can Relate To

As girls, when we grow up there is often that unspoken moment (or rite of passage, really) of transitioning to wearing a bra. Yes, the good old training bra days — and then levelling up to actual bras. At the time, it’s the start of a new chapter in life — womanhood!

Little did you know at the time that a bra would be with you for the rest of your life.

“Wait, what? I have boobs now?!”

But finding the ideal bra that ticks all the boxes can be a real struggle and we get it. To all the bras we’ve known before — there is a bra collection out there that is comfortable, stylish, useful and super-wearable and it’s thanks to Triumph’s latest Spring collection. These T-shirt bras will solve your daily struggles. How though? Read on to learn how you can be comfier!

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Getting indents at the end of the day? No more.

Us coming back at the end of the day. FYI — It’s not good to sleep with your bra so remember to remove it before you go to bed

Do you get these red, painful lines on your shoulders and underboob whenever you remove your bra? Ouch — especially the ones that last till the next day! That means you’ve got the wrong size and your bra’s too small for you.

R-U-N to the nearest Triumph counter ASAP and be sure to get the right sizing and be fitted by their experts so when you choose your new bra you can rest easy.  Yup, because it’s that serious and it might even lead to skin discolouration.

If you’re not a fan of the metal underwires they have in bras, we’d recommend you to try out Triumph’s Non Wired Padded Bra. They’re comfortable and yet versatile!

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