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Shop Smart: 5 Cute Purses That Won’t Break The Bank!

Original Text: Shyafika Arina       Additional Reporting: Yap Jin Wen

In this day and age where society is going cashless, carrying coins has become such a hassle. But what to do? We still need them to take the bus, buy from the vending machine and also to pay the parking meter.

Instead of carrying them inside your pocket, consider investing in a cute purse. That way, not only can you avoid the irritating jingling noise inside your pocket, they won’t easily fall out either when you do anything exerting like jumping or running. Now scroll through the slides to see what we have compiled for you.

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I Scream Pennies!


Yellow Ice-cream coin Purse, RM 49.90, Pull & Bear.

No more anxiously rummaging your bag when the ice-cream truck comes ring-a-ding-a-ling. This cutesy popsicle purse is impossible to miss.

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