[EXCLUSIVE] Anisa Hassan, Founder of Joompa, Answers Dating FAQs

Dating in 2020 is so tricky. Compound it by the fact that we’re stuck at home and can’t really do much in our lives other than try our best at work and maintaining a semblance of normalcy, meeting new people out in the real world, or dating in person is pretty much out of the picture.

Whether you’re quarantin-ing together with your QT or still on Bumble swiping for Mr Right, we got some answers just in time from a certified expert with thousands of success stories under her belt.

That’s right, Anisa Hassan is a powerhouse when it comes to matchmaking, and after 15 years in the business she knows her stuff — about love, dating, relationships and breaking up.

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She hails from Singapore and after working with ventures such as Date High Flyers, Anisa just loves helping people make that connection. The ‘Love Guru’ herself has matched more than 1,000 clients after spending more than 10,000 hours matchmaking. “I even get wedding invites from successful matches. I can’t count how many there were!”


Joompa is her latest venture — an inclusive Muslim match-making app that prioritises compatibility, safety and ethics.

“I prioritised safety from the get-go because that was what was lacking in many dating apps out there because they just want the critical mass. I make our users jump through hoops to make sure they’re authentic, ethical and use the platform responsibly,” said Anisa. “We ask for documentations and it’s not an online thing, there’s a personal component behind it. We have real people scouring through the database to make sure you’re who you claim to be,” she said.

Because Muslims have it a little bit different when it comes to love and relationship, their needs are niche. If you didn’t know, interaction between adults of different genders prior to marriage is not encouraged, and if you’re strictly speaking, not allowed.

“There’s a lot of difference between mainstream dating apps which are focused more on hook-ups and short-term dating relationships. Muslims have a specific and unique requirement when looking for a spouse or life partner. We don’t really go out and be physically intimate with people. We have values that make us special.

“These unique requirements are not adequately addressed by mainstream dating apps and that’s why Joompa was born,” said Anisa.

Here, we asked her about our top dating questions that we had from TeamCLEO and our readers, and she helps us navigate the tricky world of dating, getting that shy guy’s attention, and always looking to long-term compatibility rather than grand gestures that fizzle out.


Find out more at Lets Joompa.