COOL KL 2020: Hafreez Aminuddin On Visual Storytelling

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He’s got that energy that’ll light up the room


In this 2020 edition of COOL KL, we look to individuals making a change creatively and the youth who are impacting society in every way. 

“Salam sistur, my name is Hafreez. I’m 27, from Sarawak. And I do videos and lots of other things,” says Hafreez Aminuddin, the bold content creator from Sarawak. 

Hafreez has got that magnetic online persona (and offline too, we can vouch for his IRL presence!) that’ll keep you on his work and wanting more. Hafreez does it all — he directs and produces videos and social media campaigns for brands and has worked with homegrown brands like Projek Jahat and international brands like Uniqlo.

His work has got this sunshine trademark, bright and colourful. From the palette, to the visuals and the edit. One of our favourites from him is J(E)ANGGAL, a playful video of him and his friends dancing around wearing WHO.A.U’s latest collection. But what makes the video is his song of choice, Anita Sarawak’s ‘Tragedi Buah Epal’ gave a quirky edge to the piece.

“I would love to have representation to always be put into my project/my work. From time to time I’d love to include our tradition or culture,” he explains when asked what’s the biggest aspect he wants to convey in his work. 


He gets his inspiration everywhere!


How did you get into directing?

I started from making short videos on my social media. As time goes, I taught myself a few things, picked up some skills from work as a freelancer in PR and marketing and with the help of people around me. From there, I started handling my own projects. I worked with a couple of brands producing ads that you see online and now I’m venturing more into music videos. 


What inspires you?

I’m going to break this: Who- Bardia Zeinali, Yasmin Ahmad, Nadirah Zakariya. There’s more but their work is amazing! What- life. And where? The Internet honey, I’m not gonna lie. 


What’s your creative process like?

First things first, I’ll sit down with everyone involved in the project and just really brainstorm on ideas and what we are expecting on the outcome. A lot of Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest are involve in it.


What are some of your favourite projects you’ve done?

Ooooh too many! Zee Avi’s ‘Who Are U’ music video, Uniqlo’s Love and Fleece, Projek Jahat KLFW opening video and the first ever video that I did, J(E)ANGGAL! I also did this homebase music video series called ‘Dear Frontrow’ with my good friend and amazing editor, Sophia Shukeri.


What can we expect from you in the future?

I want to produce more content with creatives all over Malaysia and maybe venture deeper into filming. One of my goals is to produce horror/thriller genre short film, even though I’m not a fan of those genres. 

And of course I would love to go back to Sarawak and work with the creatives there. Shoot around my home, as I feel like there’s a lot to discover and share about Borneo.