Seri Mizani Is The Sustainable Fashion Advocate You Need To Know

The fashion industry is second in line when it comes to polluting the Earth. Water, microfiber and chemical pollution are some of the ways the industry takes a toll on the environment.

With this generation’s urgency to keep up with trends, fast fashion is in the forefront of places to get the hottest new pieces but at a cheaper price. This increases textile waste when we throw it out once it’s out of fashion. According to Sustain Your Style, a family in the western world throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year. Only 15% is recycled or donated, and the rest goes directly to the landfill or is incinerated.

There’s no denying that our planet is in a dire state so it’s time we start building awareness and willingness to change. Fortunately, sustainable fashion has been making waves over the years, with more and more people becoming more conscious over how they consume fashion.

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In Malaysia as well, the public has an increased awareness on how to reduce their waste and different ways they can ease into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Enter: Seri Mizani.

You’ve probably seen her on your Instagram feed, rocking a khaftan and clothes she repurposed herself. This 22-year-old sustainable fashion advocate uses her platform to raise awareness on the environment and how we can move to an environmentally friendly lifestyle in fashion.

Describe your personal style and style philosophy. 

“Style is not transferable, it is about you being your unique self!” If I were to describe my personal style it would definitely be a laid-back bohemian with a local twist! 

Do you have a specific fashion icon you look up to?

My first fashion icon that I looked up to was Vanessa Hudgens as she’s known for her bohemian style. This was back in 2011 and the rest is history~


What made you gravitate towards sustainable fashion?

I grew up in a household where my mum will always remind my siblings and I to recycle and reuse what we can as she’s an environmentalist. Apart from that, I have always surrounded myself with people who love to thrift to portray their own unique style and that made me do what I do on my platform today! You can say it’s always been in me! Haha. 

Why is sustainable fashion so important?

Sustainable fashion is important for many reasons from teaching us how to love our clothes again, to reducing our carbon footprint. I believe this applies to sustainability in general!

what inspires your style the most?

I feel what inspires my style the most is by my surroundings. Growing up in a conventional area I always feel the need to look graceful and appropriate. It taught me that I can still dress up and look elegant hence why my go-to outfit is a kaftan!


How did your collaboration with Converse come about? Can you tell us more about it?

My collaborations with Converse started when a friend of mine, Ki, suggested my name to Converse to be a part of their global community called Converse X. Ever since then I took and looked at it as an opportunity for me to combine them in my platform as much as I can. Thus my collaborations came about!

what gave you the idea to start repurposing your own clothes?

I started repurposing my own clothes after watching a lot of DIY videos on YouTube! Oh, how the Internet still amazes me whenever it strikes ideas into my creative mind…

What’s your favourite DIY piece you’ve done so far?

My favourite piece I’ve done so far, maybe forever, was when I up-cycled a kimono into a whole look! 

What’s the biggest misconception you feel people have on sustainable fashion?

One of the biggest misconceptions I feel some people have on sustainable fashion is “Thrift stores not being 100% ethical.” It’s tough to live 100% ethically, especially, when you’re at the beginning but if you’re looking from an environmental perspective, thrifting is still better than buying a new one… and it’s cheaper too!

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What advice can you give someone who’s just starting out in sustainable fashion?

My advice to give to someone who’s just starting out in sustainable fashion is to make it as a lifestyle. I always make people know why I enjoy showing my personal style. It’s not just about saving the world. It’s all about self-satisfaction too.

What are 3 simple ways you can take care of your own fashion footprint?

  1. Think twice before throwing out your old clothes. Take the time to put old pieces together because you’ll never know if you could end up pulling out a whole look!
  2. Swapping! Like in the previous question I talked about making sustainable fashion into a lifestyle and swapping items with your family/friends is one of them!
  3. “I spy with my little eye.” This sentence indicates whenever I need to find an item at HOME! It’s time to go through your family’s closet and give them a new life!

How do you hope the fashion landscape changes in the next few years, considering the environment and all?

I hope the fashion landscape changes by keeping things accountable. Focusing and keeping pieces in circulation by extending the life cycle of every garment which offers a more sustainable way to shop!

What do you hope for the youth in the next decade?

What I’d hope for the youth in the next decade is definitely to be more considerate with each other. Not just with people but with the environment too. Being environmentally friendly isn’t as bad or hard as it sounds. Simple and mindful acts count!