10 (Very Achievable) Relationship Resolutions For 2018

Okay, so last year’s resolutions of hitting he gym more often and clocking out of the office at 6pm everyday may still be a work-in-progress, but for 2018, perhaps it’s time to give our relationships some goals to fulfill as well.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, setting some resolutions can help you stay on the right path and remind you of what you’re looking for. Here are some achievable ones that you can start off with!

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1. Detox yourself from the past

Go through the list of people in your life (not just your Facebook friend list!) and allow yourself to delete friends, ex-boyfriends and anyone whom you deem to be toxic to you. This can include people who only pop up to criticise, those who are never there when they say they would be and the ones you would hit ‘ignore’ when they call.

2. Don’t limit yourself

Stop complaining about how “all the good guys are taken” and start keeping an eye out in places you never thought you’d find love. We’re not talking about clubs or Tinder, we’re talking about festivals, concerts, supermarkets, language classes and house parties. Start saying yes to more invitations from friends, including that blind date. And, oh, ditch those ridiculous deal-breakers!

3. Make the first move

It’s 2018! If you see someone you’re attracted to, go up and introduce yourself instead of playing the “is he looking?” game. Even if phone numbers are not exchanged in the end, you would have gained some confidence points and not have any regrets!

4. Listen to your instincts

A woman’s instincts are always on the dot! If it tells you that there’s something not quite right about that guy you just met, turn around and run. On the other hand, if it tells you that there is something special lurking beneath that shy exterior, take a leap of faith and open up in conversations. Either way, remember to always stay safe!

5. Be yourself – and mean it

From the way you dress (or want to dress during a date), to the way you may curse every now and then, to how goofy you actually are, just be yourself. If he likes you for you, then it’s a relationship worth pursuing. If you don’t hear from him anymore after that, then he’s missing out!

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