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10 Essentials To Pack For A Music Festival Weekend

Good Vibes Festival 2017 (Image: All Is Amazing)

The week of Good Vibes Festival 2018 is finally here and we’ve never been this EXCITED!

After checking the top priorities i.e. tickets, accommodation and transport off your list (we hope you’ve got all of that sorted by now) it’s time to zoom into the details of planning an awesome weekend to remember. When it comes to music festivals, it’s always better to come prepared than look back in regret.

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If you’re a newbie or just need a reminder of what to pack in your bag ahead of the festival, swipe through below and thank me later.

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This event is strictly 18+ and nothing would suck more than to be stuck at the entrance just because you forgot your ID at home. Also make sure to withdraw cash before entering festival grounds to buy food and drinks!

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