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10 Fun & Cheap(ish) Things To Do In Malacca

In 2008, Malacca was listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, thanks to its historic beauty and how well preserved the colonial buildings are.

The Declaration of Malacca as a Historical City on Sunday, April 15th is recognising the 500 years of cultural and trading exchanges between the East and the West that took place in the Straits of Malacca.

Now that the school holidays have rolled around, we deserve a break too. Take some time off or find a good weekend to visit Malacca and experience all that it has to offer. Make it a day trip if time doesn’t permit an entire weekend.

Here’s a list of 10 fun and cheap(ish) things to do in Malacca:

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1. Enjoy Butter Kaya Toast for breakfast at a kopitiam

Butter kaya toast is one of the staple breakfasts for many Malaysians, particularly in diverse places like Malacca. Start your day like a local and have a hearty breakfast at a kopitiam (traditional coffee shop). Don’t forget to try the rich kopitiam-style coffee!

The average cost for a plate of toast + coffee: RM3.00/person

Recommended kopitiams to try: Kedai Kopi Kheng Juan Hin, Seu Lean Fung Coffee Shop

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