10 Simple Ways To Replace Plastic In Malaysia

Text Monisha Sivanesan

Just today, it was announced that the ban on plastic straws in KL, Putrajaya and Labuan will be effective January 1, 2019. Hooray! 

Though monsoon season is upon us, let’s not forget the tremendously insane heatwave we’ve just experienced these last few months. Talk about smokin’ hot, right? You can attribute the heat to the increasingly rapid effects of global warming, which in the circle of life, ultimately creates more damage towards Mother Nature. Thus, it is up to us, her trouble-making children, to fix our mistakes with some serious damage control.

With the Leonardo Dicaprio(s) of the world leading us to a greener tomorrow, we shouldn’t solely rely on them to make all the change. Although that is easier said than done, we’ve got to start somewhere. First stop: putting an end to plastic. Seems impossible due to its overwhelming presence around us right? Wrong. If anything, the crazy amount of them available and the resulting raging terror they pose towards our sea creatures (and ourselves) should open our eyes and minds to rethinking our actions.

Considering that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, every plastic that has served you well will have a terrible mark on the planet. Change begins (and maintains) with simple steps so we have rounded up 10 easy ways for you to replace plastic with some eco-friendly options:

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1. Go Glass For When You Tapau

Glass square container, RM38.90 from Bros.

We’re all guilty of it. Whether you’re working away or juggling that student life (or even both), the tapau culture is strong which means more plastic goes to waste. Go the eco-friendly route by bringing your own reusable plastic or glass containers the next time you choose the take-out option.

Aside from saving on the additional plastic bags (say no even when not offered), this tactic can boost that motivation to start meal-prepping. Grab a minimalist glass container and keep it in your office drawer so you’ll never be container-less come lunch time. 

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