10 Things BFFs Do Better Together

One can be a lonely number….. and although we are all for some me time, these next few simple activities can turn into a real ball when you have the right person (or people) with you!


1. Ice Cream Hunt


Every ice cream parlour has their own spin if not a signature flavour that they’re known for. Going out to explore ice cream finds is a great way to spend your weekend with your favourite humans. You can get on a sugar high, totally annoy everyone, but still know they love you the same.


2. Making Music Together


Even if you are the taddest bit musically challenged, it’s a good way to release stress with banging on some bongos, or screaming your lungs out. You wouldn’t even have to be worried about being judged, because you’d be doing it with your BFF!


3. Skate Boarding


I’m only adding this just ’cause I learned how to skateboard with my best homeboys in highschool :P. We cut class and took the LRT to the dodgiest looking skatepark you’d ever come across. The entire time I was wondering whether I’d end the day with having to get a tetanus shot, but I didn’t, and it was one of the best times we’ve had as a group.


4. Pool Party


More like, let’s sit on floats and tan all day LELz. If it’s not a group shindig you’re after, you can just spend a quiet afternoon taking naps under the sun with each other. Just be sure to use sun protection, guys! UV rays still find a way to getcha even if the clouds are around. However you choose to spend the day by the pool, it’ll be a real splash with your BFF!


5. Bubble Party


You can even DIY your own bubbles by using a soap solution and your hands! I’m not exactly sure if that’s the cheaper alternative, though.. *disclaimer!





6. Bike Riding


The great thing about this activity, is that you could do it anywhere! Find a nice park, or a hiking trail, or even if it’s to get to a nearby cafe with your bestie – biking’s a great way to bond! Plus it’s a great way to exercise.




7. DIY Mani Pedi


Ah, the age old issue of having to paint the nails of your dominant hand on your own. See, if you’d have done your DIY mani pedi with a friend, he/she could’ve helped you out! Who ever said that treating yo’self had to be expensive? 😛




8. Picnics


A wonderful way to get outdoors with minimal physical effort! You can always prepare simple things like sandwiches, and enjoy each other’s company, but I say do it Malaysian style – get some canai, chapati, nasi goreng and you’re sorted! You might wanna bring some wet wipes though hehe..



9. Coffee Tasting

whatsapp-image-2016-11-15-at-8-36-04-am-1If caffeine is your vice, this activity is perfect for you! Bring out your inner connoisseur by hitting up the best coffee spots in town. Your taste palette tingling doesn’t always have to involve food!




10. Travelling


When I was 18, my BFFs and I would hop into the car and just go – wherever, really! We’d pack some clothes, and snacks, and use the weekend to just drive where the road takes us. OK, so the road almost always took us up to Genting in the middle of the night, but trust me, if you’re lucky enough to have clear skies, you’d be able to see so many stars on the way up and down!


Watch how much fun BFFs Darren Ashley, and Talitha Tan had with all our suggested activities!


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