10 Things Your Boss NEVER Wants To Hear

Sure, there are the run-of-the-mill lists we’ve seen all over the Internet. How to really know what your boss or manager wants to or doesn’t want to hear, yadda yadda. But let’s take it back to reality a little. Here are the top 10 things your boss really doesn’t want to hear, as compiled by #TeamCLEO.

“Oh, so when you said it was due today, you really meant it was due today.”

“What do you mean I hit ‘Reply All’?”

“The CEO – she’s got a sense of humour, right?”


“I can explain.”

“Did you hear about Karen from Accounting?”

“I may have accidentally added an extra zero to that report…” 

“Did you see my Snapchat last night?”

“My old boss would’ve said…”

“So those sick leaves, do they apply when my pet’s not well?

“I can’t make it to the conference, the venue doesn’t have reliable Wifi.”

“My entertainment budget covers Ladies Night, right?