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10 Tricks to Nailing A Digital Job Interview

It's the 21st century and well, Skype has been around for a better part of a decade (or has it been longer?). The point is, while you may not need to be physically present at a job interview, it's possible in your lifetime that you will be asked for a digital video inerview.

But before you celebrate the prospect of being able to wear no pants in this  interview — err, they’re hidden, right? — there are a few things to consider so that you can put your most professional fuzzy slipper-toed forward and nail it. Here are the 10 tips you can use to score big on screen.

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clean up your space!

Tidying up is next to Godliness. Something like that, right?

Take a look at your space. Think about where you want to position yourself. Your god-awful cluttered, messy room won’t scream ‘professional’ or ‘hire me’; it smacks more of ‘I’m desperate and my life is falling apart plz send help’.

Okay, for a helpful tip: “Choose a neutral background (ideally a clean wall), so there are no distractions for the interviewer,” Karen says. And if you have a framed Uni degree, hang it behind you. “A little ‘stage craft’ is a great idea,” Kate says.

Also, if your chair swivels, swap it for a still option. Coz, you’ll pivot too much and annoy the interviewer, of course.

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