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11 Series To Binge Watch on Netflix & Iflix This Singles Day

Let me tell you this something. Despite whatever society tells you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single, a spinster or alone. We have it so engrained in our minds that if we’re not in a relationship that means we’re unhappy.

Nah mate, I disagree. There’s no one to smother you, telling you what to do and no one being a right A$$h*l3 because they think they can.

One of the best things about being single? Being able to watch whatever the heck you wanna watch on the telly without someone else butting in. And what’s better than that?!

Binge watching.

Here are 11 series for you to mong out at whilst sipping on some vino, devouring chicken wings with no make up on whilst in your jammys. #AbsoluteBliss


Self explanatory. An oldie but a total goodie!

The Good Wife

Because what better series to watch than that about a wife of a disgraced politician? Ugh, men. 

Master of None

A tale that follows comedian Aziz Ansari’s character, Dev – a 30-something New Yorker finding love in a big city. Apt, no?

Drop Dead Diva 

A comedic drama centred around the notion of ‘reincarnation’. Did I lose you there? Basically, an aspiring model died and pressed the ‘return’ button when she got to the gates of heaven and her soul ended up in a lawyers body back on earth.


Because señorita, who doesn’t want to binge watch the life of one of the world’s biggest drugs lords of the 20th century? 

The Crown

The beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign unfolded as a drama series? Uh, yes!

Stranger Things

Set in the 80’s, this sci-fi horror series will keep you wanting more.


Relive the days of your silly adolescence by engrossing yourself in this teenage drama highlighting personal purgatories. 

Gossip Girl

The only reason I’ll be binge watching this is because of Chuck Bass.

Chef’s Table

A gathering of renowned chefs all over the world, each episode takes you into the kitchens of culinary masters.

Jane The Virgin

A romantic comedy series that will leave you glued to your seat!

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