11 Ways Malaysian Millennials Can Spend Smart On A Wedding

Daydreaming about the dress, the wedding ceremony, the flowers and the groom (wink wink) — we’ve all been there, whether we admit it or not. Even if it’s far from reality, thinking about our wedding day is something that we can’t help but do every once in awhile.

What if you meet the one tomorrow and fall so deeply in love and decide to get married in one year? Life likes to come at you when you least expect it so you need to be prepared!

Literally me if The One pops by tomorrow.

Let’s be real, a modern day wedding is far from cheap and in this economy! Everything just seems so expensive and money flows like water.

In a multicultural country like Malaysia, even wedding costs differ depending on cultural traditions and how elaborate the ceremony is. The average total expenses for weddings based on the three major cultures in Malaysia are as follows:

  •         Malay weddings = RM30,000 to RM45,000
  •         Chinese weddings = around RM80,000
  •         Indian Hindu weddings = around RM50,000

But don’t worry! We got your back with some tips on how you can save up and spend smart on your dream wedding.

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Set a realistic budget and prioritise

The budget is the most important aspect and our advice? Be realistic. Sure, a big lavish wedding seems ideal (especially for our parents) but you don’t want to be stuck in debt because of it one day.

And stick to it you shall!

Instead of splurging, make sure the expenses doesn’t exceed your financial situation. A wedding only consists of a short period of your life, so be disciplined about it and don’t overspend. Identify elements that are top priority, and allow more spending room for those aspects while tightening the budget on the rest.

Follow the Rule of Threes; identify three elements of your wedding that are the most important and allocate a little extra money for them. Then, pick three that fall low on your priority list and budget accordingly.

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