14 Promotions And Discounts For Malaysian Voters On Election Day

Give a girl a discount, and she’ll be on it quicker than you can spell it out. Jokes aside, since we found out that the official polling day for our beloved nation’s 14th General Election (dah register tak?), social media has been abuzz. Click here for our list of 13 of the youngest GE14 candidates under 35 you need to know.

To add on to the excitement, #TeamCLEO has seen a number of amazing promos and deals going around the WWW. The main idea is to encourage more voter turnout and, of course, do what us Malaysians do best. Lepak and watch the results, then celebrate (or commiserate, we’re tingling with excitement).

So, if being the change you wish to see isn’t incentive enough, here’s a list of exclusive promotions and discounts to get you in the voting spirit. Most of them are food-related (lol), but there’s a lil’ something-something for you CLEO readers driving back to your hometowns to vote.

Swipe through for the best deals on election day and don’t forget to check out these 13 places to visit when you go home to vote during GE14!

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1. nasi lemak and teh tarik

Nasi lemak and teh tarik on a public holiday? Now that’s patriotism. Head on to these BIG Group establishments to claim your meal: Plan B (Publika, Mid Valley, Ipoh), Bens (Pavilion, KLCC, The Gardens Mall, Publika, Bangsar Shopping Centre) or Ben’s General Food Store (Plaza Batai, GLO Damansara, Publika).

Limited to the first 200 redemptions at participating outlets only on 9th May 2018.

Image: The BIG Group

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