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14 Bands You Need To Catch Live At Publika Jazz Festival 2018

Irma Seleman (Image: Facebook)

All music genres require a great deal of skill, but there’s something incredibly impressive about jazz musicians. As a technically demanding genre, expression through each instrument has to have a soul factor that connects with the audience. Also, there’s nothing more relaxing than to hang out on your day off to a jazzy tune—preferably with a cocktail in hand.

If you’re always on the hunt for new songs to add onto your Spotify playlists or need a muse for your own music-making journey, you can’t miss out on this weekend’s Publika Jazz Festival 2018. It’s the largest jazz festival happening in the region and for their 7th edition happening this Friday, 10th August and Saturday, 11th August—there are so many talented souls to tune into!

The line-up will be performing in three different venues within Publika; The Square, Black Box and The Social. There’s also no need to worry about tickets because it’s a FREE event!

Aside from our Southeast Asian top jazz acts, some will be making their way to Publika from countries like the U.S.A, Japan, Indonesia and many others. Read all about the 14 bands you need to catch live below.

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Making his debut at Publika Jazz Festival 2018, Sandhy Sondoro is one of the main highlights of this year’s music fête. Known to be the ‘Ben Harper’ of Jakarta, his inspiring journey as a musician began unexpectedly after joining a band during his student years in Germany. Taking cues from American and British Rock legends, Sandhy draws influence from iconic names like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Sandhy Sondoro (Image: Sondoro Music)

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