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15 Minutes With Local Band An Honest Mistake


“Unconventional” is the first word that comes to mind when we think of An Honest Mistake. What started out as an acoustic project (à la Dashboard Confessional) in 2008 has evolved into a pop punk band (think Simple Plan). Regardless of the genre they adopt, this home-grown band has sung their way into our hearts.

How would you describe your music for those who aren’t familiar with it?
An Honest Mistake is a pop punk band. Kind of like Simple Plan or 5 Seconds Of Summer except we’re not from Canada or Australia.

How did all of you meet?
Ian and I met through Friendster; Leonard and I have been friends since we met through a music forum when we were 17 and I met Tomas at a gig. We were into the same kind of music and we inspired each other to start our own band.

Any crazy band story?
Plenty. We played a school once and we had to be escorted everywhere because the fans were trying to break into the our rooms. It was insane. The teachers had to pull them away one by one.

In another school, a girl came up to Leonard and said, ‘Can I please have your jacket?’ and before Leonard could say anything, she pulled it off him and took it. We never saw that jacket ever again.

What’s the key to juggling your day jobs and these gigs so well?
The key is genius time management. And sacrifice. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll do all it takes to make it happen.

How has your music evolve since you started playing together?
The band started off as an acoustic solo project emulating Dashboard Confessional. Then, things just got more intense with Tomas coming from an instrumental background, Ian from a metal background and Leonard from an alternative background. But one thing stands true is that, we’re all punks and hardcore in our souls, but we love making the music that we do. So, from being acoustic emo and metal, we’re just really pop right now.

What are on your playlists right now?
Darren – Rozella, a local act. Indie electronica chillstep. That much I can say to describe her music.
Ian – Army Of Three, another local act’s latest album, ‘Heartcore’.
Tomas – Simple Plan’s latest album – Taking One For The Team. Good to hear the band going at it strong!
Leonard – Justin Bieber’s new record is amazing. That’s what’s spinning on a daily basis.


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