15 Most Epic Hotel Requests Fulfilled

It doesn’t matter if it’s somewhere in the Bahamas or right here in Malaysia; staying at hotels gives us a sense of liberty to make yourself at home without having to do things yourself. This includes crazy requests even before you reach the hotel!

You know those ‘special request’ boxes at the end of booking forms? Well, some people usually ask for rose petals on the bed or extra pillows, but these 15 guests decided to get extra creative with theirs. It was probably the hotel staff who had the last laugh (and hopefully a good tip!) when the requests were delivered with 5-star ratings.

Elephants and Pillow Forts

Staff at this hotel must have went for a mandatory course in towel animals!


A request for a tent, a “no girls allowed” sign and an elephant, of course.

Hotel staff might have been trolling this 28-year-old back with a girly fort!


Hillary Clinton

This request to have a photo of Hillary Clinton in the room of a Trump hotel was fulfilled with elegance.



If your preference is to sleep in a tent instead of a hotel bed, they have no problem with that!



This hotel sure aims to fulfill requests to their best ability!


“I put ‘I’d like a drawing of a dinosaur please’ in the Special Requests Box.”


One hotel guest asked for a joke to be placed in his room and got this. Hmm, dinosaurs seem to be popular at hotels.


Nicholas Cage

Nic Cage fan Sarah Kovacs Grzywacz wanted a photo of the star on her bed and the hotel staff delivered.


She then requested for another photo of Nic, but it never came. So she texted them, “I was very disappointed that there was no Nic Cage picture or bath towels in my room (321) today.” She received an adorable apology along with her towels.


Sarah didn’t stop there. “I would really appreciate a picture of Nic Cage in 8 MM next to my television to complete my collection,” she requested. Hotel staff Ramon replied, “Good choice!” and she got her wish.



We wonder if they got it right!


Backward bed

Housekeeping rules were bent a little for this one.


Random animal photos

Some serious Googling skills were definitely involved here.


“Every time my girlfriend and I go on a vacation, I ask for a picture of a horse saying ‘hello!’ in the Special Requests section of the reservation form. Finally, a hotel delivers.”


We can’t confirm if this guest wanted the cat and swan to stare lovingly at each other, but that’s what it looks like!


This has got to be our favourite of the lot! According to the guest, “I asked for a camel in my hotel room.” There is some serious towel animal skills going on here.