21 Feel Good Funday Feelings

Life’s not always peaches and cream – when the going gets tough, life makes it rain harder, and is sure to leave you without an umbrella. Whenever this happens, people believe it’s totally OK to say things like “just concentrate on all the great little things in life!”

Ok, but #realtalk – if for some reason, you, like me on some days, have an overwhelming amount of negativity coursing through your veins in place of blood, here’s a list of 21 Feel Good Funday Feelings to think about when the situation gets a rough.


Imagine yourself in one of your episodes, now, pause, and think of all the times you’ve crunched a potato chip in your mouth – the power you’ve had to either end, or keep it within the form it entered your mouth in.


Too morbid? My bad.. We’ll tone it down a notch. What about the times you’ve sniffed a flower, and it actually met its fragrance expectations?


Or the satisfying feeling of hearing the “pop”…. of a fizzy drink can being opened?


Reminisce about the times your scheduled weekday alarm rang in the morning, only to remember just a second later… that it’s a public holidaaayy! 😀


When you came back alive, and fresher than the prince of Bel Air, after you allowed your friend (who is an unlicensed chiropractor by the way) to crack your back and neck.


Or that time it felt like it was the longest night out, and you were expecting to look a dehydrated mess the next day, only to awaken with minimal face melting and perfectly volumed hair.


Speaking of hair, what about that time when your #IGfamous friend clued you in on the secret of getting the perfect mermaid hair-flip-water shot.



Don’t you remember, when your crush finally noticed that new Chanel N°5 L’EAU perfume you’ve been wearing, after weeks of not picking up on your lusty pheromones?


You can also find joy in your everyday things, like unleashing your natural form, by unclasping society’s excuse of “supporting” and “enhancing” a woman’s chest, after a really long day at work.


Alternatively if you’ve copped out on wearing boob support, what about the #feels of peeling off a good pair of skinny jeans?


That time when you decided on giving up carbs.


But lasted only about a week to realise that you’re waaaaaaaaayyy better off having them in your life.


Don’t you remember that time you had dinner with your girls, but then realised before walking in, that the sign outside said “LADIES NIGHT – FREE DRINKS BETWEEN 8 – 10PM”


What about during the festive seasons, when you finally open up your packets of ang pau to find a whole FIDDY in one!


You could also think about the surge of power you have within you, whenever you decide to squeeze the air right out of the little capsules that make up bubble wrap.


Or when your hormone cycle is balanced, and you wake up noticing your skin’s looking hella radiant and unblemished!


FINALLY being able to run to the loo, after being a soldier and holding it in through an hour or two’s worth of traffic.

We highly recommend against doing that again.


When you jump into a pool during a heat wave.


Or when you pass by a shop’s window and notice, DAMMMNNNNNN GURRR YOU LOOKIN’ ON FLEEK TODAY.


The smell of freshly made waffles is always a plus.


And if you’re feeling romantic, waking up to the sound of light rain… Among other things (hehe).


Why stop at 21, when there are more feel good funday feelings, right?

Like putting on a fresh coat of your Chanel Allure Rouge Ink, half dead into the night – the relief you’d feel, knowing you’re still the baddest looking b*sh in da club.

Aaaaanndd completing an article that initially felt like it would be impossible finding 21 Feel Good Funday Feelings, to not only prove, but convince your homies out there, that anything is possible if you put your back into it.