12 Ways To Save Money Before Your Birthday Night Out!

Splurging on a night out isn’t always the most frugal occasion, especially for a birthday gala. I’m sure all sorts of plans have been made amongst your family and friends to follow through. Forking out a load of money for only one big night of painting the town red requires a little prep beforehand.

Here are several ways to save some ka-chings so you’re not left consuming bread and water for the next month after your birthday bash!

1. Cut down on that daily coffee run

Swap that Starbucks run for a 3-in-1 packet. There is no such thing as spending more than RM15 daily just for your extra-shot soy milk vanilla latte.

2. Pack a lunch bag

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Packing your own lunch means you’ll be more conscious about what you eat. Opt for healthier ingredients, you might even lose a few pounds to fit into that birthday dress you can’t stop talking about. Try and pack a vegetarian lunch at least once a week.

3. Set a grocery budget per week

There’s no need to fill up your fridge with extra food you won’t eat within the next week before your next grocery visit. It’s not the zombie apocalypse. Think about your diet and set a budget. Going overboard will only bite you in the a$$.

4. Cancel that gym membership

You barely go, anyways. Don’t let them deduct hundreds of ringgit off your bank account so you can say “I’ll go tomorrow”.

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5. Quit smoking

If you’re smoking a pack of Dunhill per day, that’s RM17 flying out of your pocket. Pull yourself away from being stressed out and occupy your time with something else.

6. Carpool

Save cash, save the environment! Hop in a colleague’s car if everyone’s going out for lunch. Or if you have a friend who lives nearby your office, carpool! Car trips are always better with company.

7. No more impulse purchases

No matter how badly you NEED those stiletto heels on sale, just walk away. 40% off is still not enough to be in your agenda. Prioritise!

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8. Go to the cinema for Wednesday midnight movie

Being savvy doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself up at home everyday. GSC Cinemas have special rates for Wednesday nights. If you’re keen on watching a movie, click here to check out the offers they have.

9. Shop with cash – Don’t swap that card!

Debit or credit, just don’t go down that hellhole of swiping your card. Once you start, you won’t stop. If you don’t have enough cash on you to buy something, take it as a sign. Take a rain-check and move on!

10. Freeze leftover food

Save any leftovers for the day after. Just pop it in the pan or microwave to re-heat and you can save time without having to prep another meal for yourself.

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11. Look through what you have, sell off what you don’t need

Clean up your wardrobe and pick out items you barely wear. If you haven’t been wearing it for the past few years, chances are you will never wear it hunny. Sell it off second-hand apps like Carousell for unused or used items.

12. Take the train to work, save on petrol

You know you’ll end in a traffic jam whichever route you take. Save a little cash when you need to be on-the-go and walk it off.