3 Experiences That Tell You Why Being Celibate Isn’t So Bad After All

Dry spells get a pretty bad rap. And as the gen who’s having the least sex, what’s the big deal actually? Own your sexual droughts, once and for all.

Confession: A few years ago this #TeamCLEO staffer woke up and decided to go on a sex sabbatical. It was on the back of the prolonged, unhealthy period of sleeping with an ex, where she thought he’d be so excited to Netflix and chill that he’d want to hang out with the rest of her again, too. So on one particular morning, she cut all ties with Mr F***boy
and took matters into her own hands. What she didn’t predict was two years later she’d still be dealing with matters in her own hands — literally.

But in those two sexless years she didn’t re-virginise or grow cobwebs down there, as you’d imagine would happen. (But she did think a lot about Zac Efron.) She felt empowered. Of course there was always the odd dark day. But 90 per cent of the time instead of just surviving the sex drought, she thrived.

Here is Gemma’s story:

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People aren’t having as much sex as you think

“One evening, my friend Cath announced, ‘Ahhh, I’m exhausted. I had sex five times this morning.’ Yes, five. Not a typo for ‘one’. I was in the early months of dating someone brand new and we’d probably done it five times in total; Cath was clearly much, much better at sex than me.

It was only after they broke up that she confessed that the sex was actually terrible. And those five times? A necessity, due to his inability to last very long, nudge nudge, wink wink. See, it’s easy to get a misleading picture of what someone’s up to.”

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