3 Malaysian Bakers On Instagram To Follow Based On Your Personality

If there's one weakness we have on Instagram, it's home bakers who post pictures of their delicious desserts. They always have us drooling over the phone screen and craving cake so badly, and yet we still keep them on our feed. (2am dessert cravings, you get me?)

We’re so spoilt for choice for Instagram accounts to follow now. Everyone’s become so savvy with the ‘gram and it seems like almost every active Instagrammer comes up with really beautiful pictures! Don’t know about you, but these days we find ourselves being quite picky with who we follow.

With the growing number of Malaysian bakers to follow on Instagram (there’re just so many!), we picked out a few based on your personality to cater to your specific interests.

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for the unconventional and unique

Dare to be different. Break the rules. Be you, no one else.

If those lines resonate with you, we assume you like your cakes different and unique as well.

Let us introduce you to Tao Bakes Cakes. This home baker loves experimenting with different ingredients, particularly ones you wouldn’t ordinarily find in your kitchen.

An example is the popular pistachio, lemon and rose cake with citrus yoghurt and figs. Another one is hazelnut burnt butter cake with chocolate ganache, roasted pears, blueberries and candied nuts. There’s also dark chocolate, olive oil and water ganache with raspberry puree, figs and berries. I mean, what a combination!

The baker also enjoys incorporating puns when describing his cake flavours. Some funny captions on your Instagram feed never hurt!

That mix of ingredients, though.

This. Sounds. So. Yummy.

Made of dark chocolate dreams.

To order –

Email[email protected]

Mobile: +6012 315 7890


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