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3 Simple Money Saving Hacks To Start Using In 2017

With the pay that I’ve been getting as of late, it seemed as if saving was something that was entirely out of reach – the bulk of it going to my rent and utilities, on top of things like petrol and my everyday sustenance. All these “salary percentage” tips and articles never really worked for me, because, well, poor. LELz.

Whatever math they’ve provided ended up in my not even being able to pay half my rent! But, there are other ways to save; simpler forms that have proven even more effective (for me, at least). Here are 3 tips that I use to save!


1. The RM5 Hack

This hack works particularly well with people who like the use of cash, instead of credit. The only thing you really need to do, is put in some effort to refrain from using your five-ers! Even if that means walking back into the mall just to break your fifty, to pay for your parking ticket. I reckon the only issue I’ve ever faced with this, is a cashier who’s being difficult after having seen that YES, YOU HAVE SMALL CHANGE. Stand your ground if you must – it’s for the best. This method’s saved me up to RM300 before on a really good month. Just hold fast and you’ll get there!


2. The Ol’ Piggy Bank Hack

Remember when we were little – how we used to drop all of our coins in our piggy banks? Before you start about having to spend more money on a Typo worthy looking one, think again! Use a jar, or a giant mug, even. Keep collecting your coins and they’ll prove useful sitting around in your house. You have no idea how many times my giant coin mug’s saved me from food delivery guys who “don’t have enough change” (EYE ROLL SO HARD).



Getting a credit card this year was just about the scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. First one in my name, I was obviously quite proud to take an additional step into adulthood. What people said about it being a start point of debt is very, very  true though – Last month’s bill went up to RM1200 and I didn’t even realise how much my spending just piled up until it was too late! A habit that I’ve started to cultivate now, is paying my bills every time I use my card. Checking your credit card statements are easy these days with internet banking. It helps you keep track easier. You just have to discipline yourself into checking in every week or so, and making sure you pay your bills; if not the whole sum then at least half of it!

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