Need a night out? Here’s how to spot a bar that’s totally #WORTH IT

After long hours toiling at work, chilling with friends over a few drinks is the best way to end the day. The next BIG problem is: WHERE?

Expectations of a fun night are high and you don’t want to risk it by going to a lousy bar. I mean, who wants early hangovers and a growing tab while attempting to enjoy yourself?

Before you make that mistake, there are actually signs to look for to spot a good ol’ neighbourhood hang from a bad one. So, if the one you plan on going to doesn’t meet these criteria, be a good sport by turning around and walking out the door, kay?

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1. Good Entertainment 

The problem with bars is that they are not exciting enough to make people stay. Most would opt for second rounds at a club AFTER getting their shots of liquor. That’s why if people aren’t leaving their bars to go boogie woogie, it’s a good sign that the bar is lit.

JW Firehouse  at JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur – The Happening Hotel looks promising when it comes to entertainment. Aside from the Happy Hours, it’s been upping its game with the new DJ Fire Nights series. Happening every Friday night, DJ Tiana and DJ Jerryca Misty will be spinning hip hop, R&B and 90s music in da house.

** DJ Tiana spins on June 14 while DJ Jerryca Misty spins on June 14, 21 & 28. **

The Dynamic Duo

DJ fun good bar

If you don’t know who the dynamic duo are, you must have been living under a rock. *jokes* But really, how can you not know DJ Tiana, who is one of the most sought-after female DJs in the country? To be precise, she is not just a favourite here but in Melbourne and Adelaide as well. Just attend one of her shows and you will know exactly how she captivates the crowd and keeps music lovers moving on the dance floor.

DJ fun good bar

We can’t forgive you if you’ve not heard of DJ Jerryca Misty. She is the PIONEER female DJ in Malaysia AND the only female DJ representing Kartel Hitmen. We can’t list out all her never-ending achievements but let’s note a few such as her performance in 2014’s Future Music Festival, her involvement with Bangkok Invaders (Bangkok’s top party crew) and many other opening acts for international artists, DJs and producers.

DJ Fire Nights: 9 pm – 12 am (Fridays)

Firing Up: 14 June 2019

** also features one-for-one beer, wine and cocktails deal

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