This 41-Year-Old Proves That Age Is Just A Number (For Her, At Least)

Lure Hsu from Taiwan, who’s 41-turning-42, has been making rounds on the Internet the past few days. Most of us can’t believe how youthful she looks and how she can probably pass off as your younger sister.

With the face and body of a 20-something, Lure sure is gaining a lot of attention. I’m sure you have as many questions as I do. What skincare products does she use? What kind of lifestyle does she lead? How’s her diet like? Does she have sole access to the Fountain of Youth? 

In an interview with Taiwan’s Friday magazine, she reveals that her essential skincare items are sunscreen and moisturizer. Now we all know that blocking out the sun’s harmful rays delays the ageing process and keeping skin hydrated maintains glow and firmness… but it’s nothing groundbreaking. I mean, I’m sure most of us (you’d better be!) use sunscreen and moisturizer anyway.

She also reveals that her diet is pretty clean with an occasional cheat meal or two. She avoids sugary drinks, limits meat, frequents black coffee, eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and drinks tons of water — the few standard rules of clean eating.

To maintain her amazing figure, Lure works out a lot, too. In conclusion, does this mean that a healthy lifestyle helps to keep one looking like a 20-something? Or is she just blessed with good genes? Questions, questions.